A downloadable game for Windows

Xbox Controller Required!

The year is 2025. A derelict WMD has detonated causing the planet to freeze over and infecting anyone not fortunate enough to have fled underground. Thanks to a major technological breakthrough, you have the power to travel back in time to that fateful day of detonation. Will you be able to stop it?

AA Required

Creative Director - Justin Carter

Producer - Anthony Grimando

Art Lead - Hayley Fairbanks

Art Team - Michaela Warhurst, Daniel Dabdoub, Jason Ness, Rachel Bray

Design Lead - Kevin Hacker

Design Team - Christian Munoz, Edwin Sanchez

Tech Lead - Christopher Guido 

Tech Team - Kaelee Feliciano, Samir Hossain

Game Design Workshop - DIG4725 Spring 2019

University of Central Florida


Download Here!


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Performance very low on gtx 970, stuck at are by containers.